- get for every day of the length of the Biennale one wood stick from the nearby woody area (try to vary the species of trees so far as possible). Please use a hand saw to get the appropriate size that it can be used as a walking stick (different lengths); Please cut only one side (photo attached)

- display them & spread them over the whole museum and treat it with curatorial care (regarding light and display).

- print out all portraits from: (in different formats, sizes and on materials) and distribute them between the woodsticks over the time on the wall of the museum (please put the titles on little wall signs according to the blog) I will continue with the production, so there should be enough to fill the space.(In case you think this is to much, I can make also more portraits of the participants of GB11, but this costs extra)

- for the rest of the budget (minus printing and my honorarium) you please get different walking boots/shoes at the nearby outdoor outlet center (please visit the different brand stores). Please consider the sizes that are relevant to your visitors and adapt your shopping list accordingly.Make them available in the entrance area and ask the visitors to put the shoe/boots on for visiting the show.

- install a climbing rope through the building along the stairs up to roof terrace (also available at one of the OUTDOOR OUTLETS)

- if necessary I could come the day before the opening and help you with the first stick.


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